Before you select an agency partner, you need to see where they’ve been. What logos are on their client list? What percentage is repeat business? How long have they been in the industry? Are they an agency or a thought leader? What kind of results do they get? Are those results quantifiable and are they worth their weight in marketing dollars?

At Veux, our website doesn’t have an ‘About Us’ section because it’s really about you. But we also understand the importance our history plays in your decision to partner with us. Here are the quick stats. We’ll keep it short and sweet. Veux Marketing has:

  • Partnered with some of the biggest brands in your industry
  • Developed revolutionary campaigns that led to a 38% lift for Heineken, five times greater response rates for Mrs. Smith’s, and repeat sales for Tic Tac.
  • We understand channel dynamics—we’re known for our ability to work with your big picture, including all parts of your channel.
  • We’ve seen it all—retail, grocery, convenience store and online marketing
  • We’ve helped clients take advantage of new trends in social media, website design, ecommerce, email marketing, public relations, SEO and viral marketing.
  • We have extensive experience marketing to youth, seniors, women, men, multicultural groups—you name it.
  • We’ve got connections in your industry

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